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At ADC we meet your technology needs by providing INNOVATIVE GIS, web and IT solutions. In addition to the products we have developed, we specialize in INTEGRATING custom solutions tailored to your unique situation. No matter the need, it begins, continues, and ends with our team consulting with you, and applying their wide-ranging expertise to ensure an INFORMED, complete solution.

App Development

Our product and development teams have a long history of producing cost-effective applications that are easy to use and highly specific to project requirements.


Our programming and development team is diverse enough to provide a wide breadth of expertise on virtually any project.

Website Design

Our creative and web teams look forward to sitting down with you and learning how we can customize your online presence in this increasingly connected world.

Routing and Logistics

Our expertise in this space required it’s own subsidiary company.


Any of our teams are available to consult based on project requirements and guidelines.