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WebGUIDE Extreme

WebGUIDE Xtreme (WGX) offers a powerful, robust tool for serving your map data to the web. Using the latest in geoweb technologies, land information is easily displayed to both the general public and to more advanced users.

Developed as the fourth generation to our award-winning WebGUIDE mapping tool, WGX delivers:

  • Familiar, yet powerful new features and functionality
  • An intuitive, user-friendly application for basic users
  • A wealth of tools and utilities for experienced users
  • Customizable background themes to match your website
  • Superior speed, stability and security


  • Using a Web 2.0 design and familiar navigation/tools found on sites like Google Maps allows basic users to find information easily.
  • Tabs allow the user to switch from a Main map view to a GIS-based view or a Text Only page where detailed reports and property attributes replace the map.
  • Sidebar Panels make all functionality visible and easily accessible, yet unobtrusive to the user. One can quickly expand and collapse to expose the various searches and filtering capability.
  • Small in-map windows appear when identifying parcels and receiving reports.
  • Extensive all-encompassing search and display capabilities for features on any GIS layer map.
  • Display data from your existing ArcMap documents or simply integrate your raw data (shp, Geodatabase, ArcSDE), then style it and serve it.
  • Users can select features on the map and perform a variety of search queries based on those selected features, including intersects, distances, overlaps, etc.
  • Advanced Printing allows users to choose the layout, DPI, scale and rotation, along with adding a title and notes.
  • Users can choose available views that have specific data layers turned on/off includes zoning, surveying, land & water, etc.
  • WGX utilizes the latest in geospatial web technology, specifically PostGIS, OpenLayers and ESRI’s ArcGIS Server.