ADC’s Last-Mile Logistics Software Suite


A Complete Software Suite for Last-Mile Logistics

Originally a product of ADC, Elite EXTRA has evolved into the parent company for industry leading, last-mile logistics software. With customer satisfaction at its center, all of Elite EXTRA’s products simplify and streamline your logistics while improving your bottom line.

Three Game-Changing Products

Last-mile software solutions that are configurable to accommodate companies of any size or unique workflow. Use each solution as a stand alone product or integrate together for an unmatched last-mile logistics solution.

Routing & Dispatch

Last-Mile Logistics Software

Optimized route planning

Real-time driver tracking

Customer ETA notifications

Delivery Network

Third-Party Delivery Platform

On demand third-party delivery

Provider price/time comparisons

Central contracting & billing

Returns Automation

Returns Management Software


Automatic returns validation

Returns policy enforcement

Product returns tracking

Optimize Your Deliveries From Beginning to End

Dynamic route optimization, automated reports, and driver tracking are just the beginning of how we can help streamline your deliveries. Discover hundreds of features designed to make your job easier.

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Our Story

Evolution of ADC to Elite EXTRA

Where It All Began

As a consulting agency rooted in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Applied Data Consultants has tackled a lot of requests over the years. However, when a courier client came looking for a solution to solve their routing and driver management issues, ADC as we knew it began to evolve.

As we began to build the solution, it became clear almost immediately that this product had the potential to revolutionize deliveries, especially in the automotive industry. With our background in GIS and web development, we had the unique credentials necessary to make a truly great product for delivery and logistics management. Thus, the framework for our flagship product, Routing & Dispatch, was created. 

From a Product Name to the Company Name

Today we know our primary last-mile solution as Routing & Dispatch, but it was actually first named Elite EXTRA. When the product began to pick up momentum, our clients knew us better as ‘Elite EXTRA’ rather than ADC so we leaned into that branding. Not only that, but as we dove deeper into the last mile industry, we realized there were needs beyond Routing & Dispatch and we wanted to continue to grow our offerings. So now Elite EXTRA is the overarching company and brand name for ADC’s last mile delivery solutions.

Evolving the Product

While creating Routing & Dispatch, we worked closely with our clients and professionals in the industry so we could understand their unique needs and incorporate custom features into the product. Because of this, we have created a completely configurable software that can be used by companies of any size or workflow! The development process for this product set the foundation for how we would develop our newest products: Delivery Network and Returns Automation. 

Elite EXTRA Today

Now with over 50 employees working to support these products, Elite EXTRA continues to grow and innovate! By keeping customer satisfaction at the center of everything we do, we have made lasting relationships with clients and continue to be the top choice for many companies dealing with last-mile logistics.

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Why Our Products Are Driving Industry Standards

We work with your team to ensure our software solutions fit your unique company needs

Customizable Technology

We work with your team to customize our solutions to your unique company workflows.

In-House Support & Training

Our award-winning, in-house customer support and training team is available 24/7.

Affordable With No Contract

No long-term contracts. Period. Pay based on a month-to-month agreement to make things simple.

Easy-to-Use Software

Our solutions are deployed easily without the need to download any hardware or software.

Constant Development Cycle

Our solutions receive updates every 8 weeks to maintain integrity and a top-notch feature set.

Integrated Software Suite

All of our software solutions integrate seamlessly with each other to offer even more functionality.

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