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The Barron County Land Information Office had been pursuing a program of land record modernization and GIS integration. ADC has worked with the county from the start, providing the full gamut of GIS-related services, from needs assessment to application and data development. This time, Barron County needed to convert and update many township map files, attributed with a parcel number, and finally have them linked to the county tax and assessment database.


ADC created the proper files from existing data and documents, as well as with information available after linking to the county tax database. ADC also constructed an end user tool for evaluation of existing map files, and then updates them automatically. Throughout the process, ADC assisted the county in a number of other areas such as the projection and processing of data, and consulted on development of automated tools to simplify user interaction between the digital data and the tax and assessment database.


As Barron County updated their workflows and operational processes for this project, ADC facilitated that by updating, automating, and streamlining the tools they use, helping get their technology current. As a longtime and ongoing partner, Barron County turns to ADC first when a new project or need arises.

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