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The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requested a solution to help manage activities at the 19,800-acre Former Sioux Army Depot (FSAD) facility located in Sydney, Neb. In addition to standard geographic information systems (GIS) tools and functionality, they required the ability to enter, query and view collected environmental data from soil, groundwater and surface samplings, and the functionality to locate, enter and display locations of unexploded ordinance (UXO).


ADC began the consultation process with a document that outlined the structure, data, format, and functionality of the final system, including an implementation plan. Once the data was converted and organized, the database format determined, then configured and modified to accommodate additional load.


Users can now view environmental sampling locations, select a location to see sampling information, query the environmental database, input new sampling information into the database, and display, enter and query UXO locations. To accommodate the number of photos collected on site, a photo loader tool was developed for assigning photos to locations on the base, automatically filing the photos and associated information in the database, and searching the photos within the database.

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