Automated Delivery Zone Mapping and Routings

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Executives at one of the world’s leading distributors of telephone books needed accurate and efficient routes. Some people were not receiving telephone books, while others were getting duplicates. This route inefficiency was costing them time and money.


ADC developed a customized routing program called Automated Delivery Zone Mapping and Routing (ADZMAR). ADZMAR can efficiently handle project sizes ranging from 1,100 records to over 4 million. Full reporting, including delivery statistics and maps are provided.


Over 100 million telephone books were distributed yearly to homes and businesses throughout the United States and Canada in an efficient, timely manner from the routes created by ADC.

“We have been working with ADC for the past 4 years and have consistently been impressed with the professionalism and dedication to our projects. We frequently have last minute requests and process changes that are thrust upon them and they have always met them head on and helped us meet our deadline. ADC has made a great contribution to the improvement of our process and I have enjoyed working with them every step of the way.”

Kurt Pletcher – Information Technology Manager, Directory Distributing Association

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