Beaver Creek Reserve and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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Beaver Creek Reserve and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) turned to Applied Data Consultants, Inc’s (ADC) web development team in 2007 to improve their biological mapping web application. Their web site, a biodiversity survey program that allows citizens, school groups, and professionals to enter their wildlife observations into a statewide database in a map-centric interface, was in need of modernization. Functionality, performance, usability, and aesthetic upgrades were deemed necessary to meet the expectations of today’s web map user.


The ADC-driven upgrade employs a set of open source geospatial technologies to leverage the power of GIS spatial and analytical reasoning in the application workflow. To accomplish the stated objectives, ADC updated both the databases and user-facing interfaces, and then streamlined the data input functionality to make the overall experience much more efficient.


By collecting and recording wildlife observations, nature mappers become more aware of their surroundings, deepen their sense of place, and strengthen their connection to the natural world. The observations are then used for natural resource management, scientific studies and environmental education, and have been included in the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan.

“Switching to ADC was a logical choice due to the fact that ADC is a local business with employees who are also passionate about Wisconsin wildlife and able to provide Wisconsin NatureMapping with better tech support and development advice.”

Sarah Braun – CSC Director, Beaver Creek Reserve

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