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The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation’s (CCEDC) Accidental Entrepreneur Program (AEP) did not have a GIS map or property inventory system. The AEP identifies talented entrepreneurs that have experienced downsizing due to the recession, then assists them in both identifying the right location for establishing their own business and business plan development.


Knowing that the best way to reach a wide audience is via the web, the CCEDC worked with ADC staff to design and develop a GIS map and property inventory application, to be embedded within the CCEDC website. An interactive map, with query and selection options, GIS analysis of integrated data, static reference pages and the ability to develop print-ready reports was built. The CCEDC now has an easy-to-use interface that allows viewers to quickly access property information without leaving the CCEDC website. In addition to common data from the US Census Bureau and national marketing data resellers, local data such as industrial parks and TIFF zones is now incorporated.


The CCEDC has an outstanding dual use GIS website that works for site selectors, and also helps with entrepreneurial and business development initiatives. Working with ADC provided the CCEDC a tool for the county that allows this economic region to play a role in the national GIS arena, at an affordable price.

“It is all done by ADC on time and under budget.”

Charlie Walker – President/CEO, Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation

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