The Defense/State Memorandum of Agreement

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The DSMOA (Defense/State Memorandum of Agreement) system is mandated by an Act of Congress, and is a process by which states and the military can coordinate their efforts in the cleanup of wastes created or left behind by military operations. The goal is to protect human health and the environment. Previously, the DSMOA agreements, budget estimates, coordination, approval, and fund distribution processes were done on paper forms. This process was time consuming, involved excessive numbers of personnel, and was prone to problems in communication and coordination.


ADC created the DSMOA website to provide a central portal for all communications and education in the DSMOA process. ADC’s role was to create a highly secure module, or modules, that automated the previous paper process. Sources of funding are now pre-matched to military installations, which makes it clear to the users which funding sources are available. The site facilitates communication between any Cooperative Agreement and any military installation.


Customer response (from state and military users) has been positive, primarily in savings of time and work, and in ease of communication. The entire process is “transparent” to all users. Every state can see what other states are doing, and every military branch can see what other branches are doing.

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