Douglas County, Nebraska

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Douglas County, Nebraska, which includes the city of Omaha, has over 190,000 parcels, each with an assessment value assigned to it by the County Tax Assessor. This information needs to be distributed to the public as efficiently as possible.


The main goal of the project was to provide automated access from multiple sites, with robust ownership information data easily searchable – including name, assessment values, and images, among other things.


A land owner, realtor, banker or anyone else can now use the interface, relieving the County Assessment office from providing parcel assessment values over the phone or face-to-face. The public also has the ability to calculate sales comparisons using numerous search criteria.

“We have received a lot of good comments from the public….and I know we will get more compliments as the new changes are found out about. I think it is one of the best websites I have seen….Great Job Everyone!”

Daniel Silvis – Geographic Information System Manager, Douglas County, NE

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