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Elite Logistics, a driver staffing firm, was looking for the ability to effectively track delivery of products in a cost efficient manner. With the help of Applied Data Consultants, they developed an affordable solution for real-time tracking and routing of deliveries. While there were other commercial solutions available, they were cumbersome to use and were cost prohibitive for this small, but growing firm.


With input from Elite Logistics and other driver staffing firms, ADC developed Elite EXTRA, a web-based, interactive delivery tracking system, continually utilizing the latest technology. EXTRA provides visibility the moment an order is placed, all the way through delivery. Meanwhile, EXTRA simplifies and automates many dispatch and delivery operations, that were previously manual or cumbersome.


EXTRA streamlined the dispatch and delivery workflows for Elite Logistics, while giving them 360 degree visibility. The number of drivers and dispatchers needed for deliveries was reduced, while allowing them to pack more stops into current runs – cutting costs and driving ROI. The EXTRA model, though developed for the automotive parts delivery industry, has since been tailored for additional verticals.

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