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Sales staff at Iowa’s largest local cooperative, Farmer’s Cooperative Corporation (FC), wanted the ability to deliver fertilizer, seed, and pesticides more efficiently to farmers across Iowa. The FC looked to ADC to help them to spatially enable their work order system to improve efficiency.


From FC’s guidelines, Applied Data Consultants created a browser-based intranet application for managing the geographical features associated with a farm cooperative’s agricultural products and services work order system. The custom application is accessed by over 48 branch offices, spread over a 150 square mile area. With the system, work order managers in the company can quickly and easily generate a spatial record of the order details, delivery information, and application areas for their products. The interface also offers driver routing functionality for improved delivery planning and management.


By implementing this GIS-centric order and delivery routing system, the business is now serving its clients in a more efficient manner, eliminating resource consumption, improving time management practices, and cutting costs.

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