infoUSA© is a provider of both business and consumer information and marketing lists. As with most modern companies, they have transitioned to selling their data products online. Their principal product is called the Sales Lead, a potential client contact list defined by industry, demographic, consumer expenditure indicators, and geography, among other characteristics. Geographical fields such as state and county boundaries, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and postal ZIP Codes and Carrier Routes can be applied to select leads. InfoUSA found, however, that the methods implemented on their web commerce site for geography selection were inefficient and very inflexible.


A team comprised of infoUSA developers and ADC software engineers designed and implemented a map-based web component that provided graphical, robust methods for searching and selecting sales leads to purchase. The component integrates into infoUSA’s existing commerce site and is comprised of both ADC-hosted and infoUSA-based elements that work in conjunction during execution.

The selection mapping interface allows users to navigate nationwide and drill down as far as street level. Once at the desired scale, predefined geographies, such as Area Codes, ZIP Codes and counties, can be chosen and used to select any leads located within them. The user can then define custom-drawn geographic features, which are then likewise used to select underlying leads.


With an easy to use, visual and flexible method for data selection, infoUSA gained a competitive edge over rivals and enhanced their effort to increase share of the data list market. Further, through ADC’s implementation of open source technologies, infoUSA realized critical savings on software purchase and yearly licensing fees.

“ADC possesses a team of talented, knowledgeable and business focused professionals who have worked with infoUSA group very closely in devising some of our successful online mapping products. It has been a pleasure working with this team and I wish ADC all the success going forward.”

Saby Panda – Former VP, Product Integration & Services, infoUSA

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