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Innovative Software Solutions (ISS) provides applications to greenhouse operators. Their clients voiced concerns that they were spending too much time manually planning routes for greenhouse deliveries, and needed a solution to streamline those operations. That system had to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, as well as the ISS software and applications already in place.


ADC worked with ISS to build what became TripBuilder, using a map to interactively build efficient routes that take mileage, proximity, truck capacity, delivery dates, and special needs into consideration. Optimal delivery sequence and routing are taken into consideration but with the option, at the user’s discretion, to customize any route to their specific requirements. It integrates fully with the the ISS suite of solutions.

Order processing, route sequence optimization, user interface, and reporting functions are fully configurable. Over time, enhancements such as address-level locations, allowing for drop shipping, and delivery to nationwide delivery vendors such as FedEx or UPS became available to TripBuilder users.


ISS now offers a full suite of software and applications for greenhouse operators. With TripBuilder, users have reported more efficiency in their workflows; delivery time has decreased while customer satisfaction has increased, resulting in a solid return on investment.

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