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Real Estate Database, Inc. (REDI) provides services such as design, hosting, and administering of custom databases for the use of sharing, marketing, and researching large selections of real estate information. One of REDI’s database subscription services, Appraisal Data Network, Inc. (ADN), provides commercial comparisons for eight counties in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and select areas in adjacent states. REDI needed a web mapping tool that would allow users to search parcels by multiple variables, and then view the properties spatially, including the areas surrounding the searched parcels. Through word of mouth, REDI came to Applied Data Consultants, Inc. (ADC) to develop the new application.


ADC developed a custom application that gives ADN customers the ability to quickly search for and visualize the location of the properties they want to view. Comparisons between properties now take into consideration the lay of the land where the property is located.


REDI/ADN customers now have the power to add more relevant information to their comparison appraisals than what can be found in a tabular database. The mapping component has allowed the user to incorporate a breadth of spatial data that is very relevant to the values of the parcels. Every appraisal that is performed needs a map for the subject property and all related comparables. By using the mapping service, users have a tool to design maps to accompany their reports.

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